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Brand Guidelines Customizable Canva Template

Brand Guidelines Customizable Canva Template

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Ready for every aspect of your Brand to be spelled out in one guide? Duh, of course you are; you’re a busy creative with a lot to do!

This fully customizable Brand Guideline Template is the perfect resource for your business whether you are outsourcing and need a way to communicate your brand with your team - or you are just starting out and need to create the basis for your brand. This Canva template is ready-to-roll with text prompts and fully customizable shapes.


Clarify your Brands mission, vision, and values so you can build the foundation for an intentional brand.


Write your ideal client into your Brand's story so you can position your brand effectively.


Create a strategy for articulating your Brands value to your ideal customer so you can charge your worth.


Understand your audience on an emotional level, so you can identify the problem you solve for them.


Curate your individual identity so you can stand out from competitors.

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With a simple yet intentional feel, our signature Brand Guidelines Template sets the standard for building a strategic Brand.

The brand guidelines used by most creative entreprenuers (if they have them at all) only skim the surface of what you need to strategically positon your brand. That’s why I set out to spill my secrets and design branding guidelines for creative entreprenuerss as a comprehensive and customizable template.

  • SECTION 01:

    Create the foundation for an intentional Brand by clarifying your values and vision.

  • SECTION 02:

    Define your audience, what they need, and the problem you can help them to solve.

  • SECTION 03:

    Create messaging that articulates the value of your solution in your unique Brand voice.

  • SECTION 04:

    Curate your personal aesthetic and individual Brand Identity.

Brand guidelines template


How long do I get access?

This template is yours for life and to make your own.

What is Canva?

Canva is a free and easy-to-use online graphic design program where you can customize this template and make other branded assets for your business.

What if I need help customizing?

You can contact with any questions - and you can always book a consult or Brand Planning Studio Day to get the most out of this system.