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Personal Planning Dashboard

Personal Planning Dashboard

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The CJ Personal Dashboard is the only Notion Template for Creative Entrepreneurs that is designed to help you organize your business and personal life all in one place.


This is a fully customizable Notion template, so you personalize blocks of content - and make it your own.


Master Calendar with weekly and batch day, and timeline views, i I show you how to plan for today and for the future using this system.


Project Calendar to visualize timelines so you can manage personal and professional projects all in one place.


Weekly and quarterly habit trackers so you can live and work more intentionally.

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If you’re still trying to balance a personal calendar in a paper planner, endless thoughts in your notes app, and a task management program, you’re doing it wrong.

Whether you’re knee-deep in planning the next quarter or want to keep your personal notes and lists all in one place, this customizable Notion template is the perfect simple solution for all your planning and note needs.

Bid farewell to writing down an idea - and then never being able to find the piece of paper, and say hello to swapping that stressful setup for the ultimate task management system, planner, and notebook in one.

  • Plan for today & a little further down the line

    Multiple planning and calendar views simplify managing your projects and time.

  • Ditch your analog task management system

    Ditch the stacks of notebooks, legal pads, and sticky notes (that you can never find when you need to). Instead - keep your notes and tasks all in one place.

  • Find what you need when you need it

    Quickly access the notes you need at your fingertips in the daily dashboard. Acces your Notion Personal Dashboard from any device.

  • Curate your dream routine

    Track your habits monthly and quarterly, and create your ideal schedule in real-time.

personal planning dashboard


What if I’ve never used Notion before?

This is an easy-to-use dashboard that will change the way you work; before you know it, you will be emailing me like, “Catie, this is a game changer,” but in the meantime, there are a handful of embedded Loom tutorials within the dashboard to help you get the most out of the template.

How long do I get access?

This template is yours for life and to make your own.

What is Notion?

Notion is a task management, note-taking, and planning system all in one. This free program has changed the way I work. My entire business and brand now live inside it.

What if I need help customizing?

You can contact with any questions - and you can always book a consult or Brand Planning Studio Day to get the most out of this system.